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Russian (2018)

Measurements: Matted (not framed) 16.5” x 19”.

Matte & Paper: 8 ply, white. Hahnemuhle archival paper

Photo #1060


Icons are an important part of the religious traditions of many cultures, serving as visual representations of spiritual figures and ideas. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, for example, icons are considered to be sacred objects that can be used as a focus for prayer and contemplation. They are often found in churches, monasteries, and private homes, and are used in various liturgical and devotional practices.


Icons are believed to be channels of divine grace, and are venerated rather than worshipped. They are also seen as a way to connect the earthly and the divine, as they depict holy figures and events in a way that is accessible to the viewer.


For many people, the presence of icons serves as a reminder of their faith and helps to bring sense of the sacred into their daily lives.

Icon, St. George and Dragon, c.1900

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