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Our group is composed of Amelia Schembri and Louis Denes: we are an artist couple. We met during our undergraduate studies in Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario in 2002. Quickly we've formed a cohesive working relationship in the field of visual arts. After graduation we continued to work and exhibit together. Our first collaborative work was a photographic series for a Sport and Art exhibition at the Arts Project in London, ON. Our work then took a performative turn in 2006 when we formed a group called Small Appliances. It utilized amplified kitchen appliances to parody a rock band. Our first performance was in 2006 for the Click Media festival at the John Labat's Visual Arts Centre; it was given th award of excellence. Over the next two years, we've continued to perform for art openings and local pubs, culminating in a performance at the 2008 Ultra Electronic Music Festival in Miami Florida. 

We attended the 2010 International Artist in Residency in Budapest Hungary together for professional development It was a self-directed residency and we worked together on two projects. The works were exhibited at the Ferencarosi Gallery, Budapest in 2009 & 2010.

In 2015 we created an interactive performance installation for Nuit Blanche Ottawa/Gatineau. Our project entitled, The Applause Choir was accepted through a juried process led by Dr Megan Smith and awarded a feature location in the Byward Market, Ottawa. The performance consisted of a red carpet and interactive light installation ,\Tith performers positioned behind and along­side tl1c carpet ready to cheer, clap and applaud the public as they stepped on and passed h)'. The project ,vas a tremendous success v.ith the public and 􀃺e,.., a continuous crowd throughout the night, and f eaturcd in the Otta,va Citizen. Our n-iost recent project together started in 2016 and is called Generica. The work in progress consists of a number of large paintings, detailing n1ass groups of people displayed in ,rarious color schematics. Our goal is to exemplify the beauty and diversity of a crowd through multicolor paint. V\7e have received individual studio rental through the city of Ottawa Artist Studio Program, whicl1 is a juried process. Our project proposal for Generica was accepted for a 3-ycar term until 2023.

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