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Lynda Goldman


Nature holds many secrets, and my art explores the hidden depths and unfurled surprises that lie beneath, whether in completely abstract paintings or abstract flower art.

I paint the essence of flowers because I’m smitten with the plumes and clusters, delicate and spiky shapes, and the horticultural ice cream parlor of saturated colors that flowers offer us.

I’m not trying to reproduce the images that I see, but to say something visceral about the enigma and enchantment evoked by these natural elements.

Flowers symbolize a range of intense emotions, including joy, gratitude, and love. Each of my pieces explores yearning, striving and unfolding, the juxtaposition of strength and delicacy, mystery and magic.

In my abstract pieces, such as Finding the Light collection, I use luminous, transparent colors, playing with bold or delicate lines and shapes. Layer upon layer of acrylics and oil sticks, gouache, marker and pencil on canvas subtly reveal what lies beneath. I use big and small brushes, sponges, twigs from my garden, feathers, and my hands to express the dance of colors on canvas.

If my art can bring the viewer a moment of respite and joy, and a reminder to treasure the environment that nurtures us, then my love affair with paint and canvas has achieved my purpose.

Lynda Goldman is an award-winning artist and best-selling author. With a degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, she has been a designer, college instructor, author of 27 bestselling textbooks, ghostwriter, book coach and publisher. She recently won the People’s Choice Award in the Artists in Montreal Valentine’s Show. She has sold her paintings across Canada and the US. Art for a Cause is a driving force. Her hope is to offer a moment of joy and beauty to the world, and use a portion of her art sales to support women and children, and the environment

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