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David Clendenning

8042_2016-03-23 David H Clendenning port

David Clendenning is an established Ottawa based fine art photographer. His unique “culturescape” images present compelling views of architectural heritage and natural spaces. A constant theme in his work is an emphasis on surface decoration and design as seen in ornamental ironwork, stained glass, antique tiles and stone statuary. His rich and vibrant prints created on museum quality paper show the detail and clarity as demanded in collectable visual art forms. David is a former career Canadian diplomat and Trade Commissioner, retiring in 2011.


David’s travels has allowed him to explore many areas of outstanding natural beauty and historic significance. Since 2007, he has participated in many solo shows and juried exhibitions, including Scotiabank's CONTACT show in Toronto. David’s prints are held in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA and abroad. He has collaborated in a number of photo-illustrative history, religious, architectural and military publications. He can be reached at:


1. Copyright signature is on website images only - not on any original photos that you purchase.

2.  All photos are original artwork with a limit of 25 authenticated prints available for purchase. Only 25 originals produced of each photo. Each photo is initialed "DHC" in bottom right and numbered on bottom left in pencil. Each photo has a legal seal of David Clendenning’s logo embossed in bottom right over initial.

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