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Anjana Mhatre
Coming Into Light 


‘Coming Into Light’ is the theme for Anjana’s Solo Exhibition starting on June 2, 2023, at the Alpha
and Omega Art Gallery in Ottawa’s ByWard market area.

Coming into Light is a construct that both literally and figuratively helps us to see more clearly and
deeply. Indeed, Anjana’s art aims to achieve this duality through her abstract creations. Coming into
, the theme of the exhibit emerges radiantly from her colorful, layered art works with a calming
yet uplifting effect as summer unfolds in the Nation’s Capital.

Anjana is a mixed media visual artist with an intuitive grasp of the abstract form. Her large colorful
canvases full of texture, movement, contrast, and emotion bring into light her past and present
experiences. Her abstract expressions often have a landscape feel where land and sea, urban and
rural, combine to integrate her cosmopolitan upbringing in Mumbai, India, with her present
experiences in rural Ottawa. Anjana’s art is full of contrast reflecting cultural differences: hectic,
loud, and vibrant mixed with calm, quiet and subdued moods. Her mastery of layers and texture and
vivid colours reflect her fascination with natural ecosystems resulting in complex abstract renderings
of her environments and emotions and inner light. Cities in the distance, boats sailing in the ocean, a
glistening lake, uncertain skies, all come into light the longer you observe her artwork, each observer
perceiving something different, new, and interesting. Anjana’s art helps us see more clearly our own
inner senses and emotions – coming into light.

Anjana is a visual artist who before joining the Alpha and Omega Art Gallery in Ottawa has had her
art featured in another gallery in Ottawa and is connected to a Boston Gallery. Her work is
prominently displayed in settings such as the United Nations in New York City; a Venture Capital
firm in Silicon Valley; and many collectors’ homes in Canada, the United States and abroad.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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