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The Patio

See the commissioned art from talented artist Marlow Stainfield, A full wall of urban art unique to the Alpha Art Gallery patio! 

A Patio Terrace like no other in Ottawa. Hidden from public view, in a  courtyard behind our Gallery in the heart of downtown Ottawa, 2 blocks from National Art Gallery and Cathedral. 2,900 square feet surrounded by enclosed walls of a mural Art piece commissioned by Artist Marlow Stainfield, awaiting for the romantic Boston Ivy vines to grow along the fences... while delicate dusty rose hydrangeas to enrich the atmosphere. Spring will blossom the Tulips, Magnolia Tree and Roses making it an enchanted , magical garden space. Capacity of 120 guests.  Walk-up bar (Coming soon).  


Enjoy a beautiful outdoor experience for your special occasion. Designed for entertaining, weddings and to lounge.

Stay warm by the fireplace in cooler hours. Available to RENT for a private Event, while open to public on daily basis.

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