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Busts & Sarcophagus – Capitaline Hill, Rome, Italy, (2014)

Measurements: Black metal frame, 22 ¼” x 18”. Image: 11 x 14”

Matte & Paper: 8 ply, white. Hahnemuhle archival paper

Photo #1267


Augustus was the first Roman Emperor and he is famous for his ambitious building projects, which include the construction of many public buildings, temples, and other structures throughout the Roman Empire. One of this most famous boasts was that he “found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of Marble.” This referred to the fact that Augustus oversaw the construction of many building made of marble, which is a sign of wealth and prosperity. Augustus is also credited with commissioning the construction of many roads, aqueducts, and other infrastructure projects, which helped to improve the lives of the people living in the Roman Empire.


Ancient Rome, city of Brick and Marble

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