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Sylvia Cohen


Sylvia Cohen is a contemporary painter known for her vibrant and expressive realistic artworks. She developed a passion for art at an early age and pursued formal training in fine arts and Fashion Design, graduating with a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal. After a successful career in fashion design, she decided to devote her time to her passion for creating art.

Sylvia’s work is characterized by bold brushstrokes, rich textures, and a dynamic interplay of colors. Her paintings have been exhibited in several solo and group shows across galleries in Montreal, Quebec City, Palm Beach, and Miami. Influenced by the human experience, Sylvia's art captures the essence of emotions and invites viewers to contemplate the complexities of the world through her portraits.

With numerous accolades and a growing international following, Sylvia continues to push the boundaries of her artistic practice.

As a contemporary portrait artist based in Montreal, Canada, my mission is to push the boundaries of realism and expressiveness. I often explore the intersection of realistic painting and mixed media, using each one in a way that complements the other. I'm interested in creating pieces that allow for a unique
experience and spark a viewer's emotional connection with the work, to elevate the physical experience of a painting. By doing so, I hope to provide a unique story for each of my works, ultimately leading to a richer and more deeply meaningful experience for the viewer.
I use Acrylics, oil glazes, collage and resin in my work. I try to juxtapose both a feeling of softness and strength in my portraits, complementary forces that interact to form something dynamic.
I approach every piece with an open mind, my technique constantly evolving.
My artwork is realistic and expressive, allowing the viewer to feel the emotion behind the piece. I use mixed media to explore and push artistic boundaries, creating unique and captivating works.

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